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f about 10 exploded in northern Nigeria on Saturday killing at least 16.▓ Authorities believe Boko Haram was behind the attack.This 14 year old once carried a machine gun and fought with ISIL. He has since left the group but would not allow his

  • o kill08-29-2016 09:52 BJ▓TISIL has released new video footage showing
  • how they train children to kill. People are w

identity to be revealed. He sa

  • orried that this is just the tip of an iceberg, and▓ fear that many more children mi (the footer has already my link and that's fine.)
  • ght have fallen vict▓im to ISIL's brainwashing program. The images ▓are shocking--a boy, about 10 years old, ▓gun in hand, appearing to execute two men said▓ to be Russian sp
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ys children make easy targets for terrorist recruiters

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."ISIL prefers young children more than adults because they▓ can convince children and wash their brains."And once recruited he says children make obedient▓ soldiers."If the prince orders a child to slaughter his f▓ather the child will do it without hesitation."Terrorist groups often show young people in their videos. In 20-14 ISIL presented young boys to a reporter from VICE news.US authorities

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